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We're a generation that's overwhelmed by choices. We constantly think about what we are doing with our lives. Why are we doing it? How do we jump ship to pursue the thing we actually care about and magically make money doing it?

We aim to convert the existential angst into actionable items that fuel your way to your dream self.
We are overpowered by EXTERNAL voices.
Social media, the news, our parents— voices coming from all over the place clouds the lens to look inward into ourselves.
We understand the power of reflection.
We aim to help you become more mindful, feel more gratitude, and increase focus on what truly matters.
EVERYONE deserveS to feel fulfilled.
We want to dissect your frustrations and bring to light your inner passion, while creating the pathway towards fulfillment.
Alcove provides an experience for people to reflect on their dreams and to create action points that reframe their lives through their own lens. We want to help everyone visualize their full potential through a series of hyper-intentional inquiries into career development, personal growth, and daily rituals.

Earlier in 2019, we shared Alcove with 30 people at Cornell University.

We're blown away by the positive feedback, and we're bringing this experience to more people in SF, NYC, and Cambridge this Fall.

"This really struck a chord in me: a lot of people think that passion is solely doing what you love, but it's really an intersection of many different factors like money, status, etc. and it changed my perspective on my "dream job" and how I could truly achieve happiness later on"

"My biggest takeaway was the physical book that serves as a snapshot of my current dreams, as well as a physical list of goals and action items."

"I felt like I was really able to think about why I am choosing to pursue either what I really love to do or what I'm choosing to do as a career. I really got to draw connections between both."
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